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KIRJUTAJA: Tarvo Varres
ISBN: 9789949994434
Faili suurus: 5,61


"“Memory-Sensitive” on Tarvo Varrese esimene monograafia. Raamat pakub lugejale võimaluse Varrese loominguga terviklikumalt tutvuda. Raamat lähtub autori viimase aasta töödest näitustelt “Shadows of a Doubt” ja “Leegi vari”. Näituse fotomaterjali saadavad esseed Hanno Soansilt, Marten Eskolt ja Margus Ottilt ning intervjuu Mark Raidperega.Raamat on kahekeelne (eesti- ja inglise)."

...ity-conscious programmers often need to protect sensitive data in memory, such as passwords and cryptographic keys ... THE OXFORD HANDBOOK OF MEMORY | Brain | Oxford Academic ... . In order to do this effectively, a programmer should keep sensitive data in memory for as short a time as possible, and should try to ensure that the data never gets written to disk. Best Practices for Performance Tuning of Latency-Sensitive Workloads in vSphere Virtual Machines vNUMA is automatically enabled for VMs configured with more than 8 vCPUs that are wider than the number of cores per physical NUMA node. For certain latency-sensitive workloads running on physical hosts with fewer than Certain examples provide syste ... Memory-Sensitive - Apollo ... . For certain latency-sensitive workloads running on physical hosts with fewer than Certain examples provide systems and methods for memory and/or device-sensitive image viewing. An example method includes receiving a request for a medical image study display at a browser on a client device. The example method includes determining a size of the image study. The example method includes determining available space on the client device for image data storage. For example, it is often noted that Maine de Biran wrote in 1804 about mechanical memory, sensitive memory, and representative memory (Maine de Biran, 1804/1929), and that William James (1890) wrote separate chapters on memory and habit in his Principles of Psychology. Another percipient writer was Bergson (1910). Focusing on habits, he wrote: Juba mõni aeg tagasi ilmus Tarvo Hanno Varresel raamat "Memory-Sensitive", mis sisaldab muuhulgas sarja pealkirjaga "Kättesaamatu mälestus (Brüsseli nurgad)". "Kunstiministeerium" tuvustab põgusalt nii Eltermaa kui Varrese vaadet Brüsselile, vaagib nende erinevusi ja sarnasusi ning vastab küsimusele miks autoreid üldse kõrvutama peaks. As if there wasn't enough weirdness in my brain, I live with mild prosopagnosia, also known as face blindness. I recently came across this great podcast on the subject, that updated latest research findings, as well as providing a few facts I hadn't known. Highly Sensitive Child vs Sensory Processing Disorder. Having a highly sensitive child does not necessarily mean that you have a child with a sensory processing disorder, also known as sensory integration dysfunction. Many children are highly sensitive to specific types of stimuli such as loud noises, background noise and other people's emotions. Moved Permanently. The document has moved here. Important: Avoid converting back and forth between vanilla and secure strings since strings are immutable and hence you could end up with clear copies of your secure and sensitive string in other parts of memory Sensitive data like user names, passwords, database connection strings, and encryption keys should be encrypted in the memory as well ......